Northern Frontier Safari & Lake Turkana Festival

Culture, breathtaking scenery and wildlife stand at the forefront of this safari ! The main focus of this trip is the desert Lake Turkana, that remains wild and un-touched with its outstanding cultural tribes. You will encounter the Samburu, Rendille, El Molo, Dasenich Tribes among others. The festival is the main event on this safari and it will bring these cultures close to you in a way you will never experience it otherwise. You will also encounter wildlife in Samburu Reserve and the Great Rift Valley Lakes.

Lake Turkana Expedition

Lake Turkana has always carried an aura of the remote and unexplored! To travel there, you still require an expedition. Viewing necropolises and rock-art sites, encountering different tribes, and admiring spectacular landscapes, will leave you with the wildest memories. There has been little development in the area; the people still practice their traditional lifestyle. The arid beauty of the giant Lake Turkana spreading out in the desert landscape, will impress you! Game viewing in the natural reserves will give you the chance to see all of the big game.

Northern Kenya Cultural & Wildlife Tour

This safari offers an insight into Kenya’s remote and less frequented regions. A safari out of the ordinary! Explore the last “wild tribes” of the North with us! Perfect for those who desire to experience and photograph breathtaking landscape, adventure & culture!